5 Steps to Repair Your Hot Water Heater


If your hot water tank or water heater has a leak, you’ll want to look into water heater repair. Some leaks can be fixed without professional help, and in this video an expert demonstrates how to repair a leak yourself.

A lot of the time when someone finds water under their hot water tank, they assume they need a replacement right away.

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This isn’t always the case and sometimes all that’s needed is a simple fix. Knowing how to locate a leak is the first step in water heater repair. The temperature and pressure release valve is one of the most important safety devices on your water heater. If the tank heats up and the pressure rises too much, the valve will open and release water to prevent any kind of explosion. After the valve is done releasing water, it should close all the way so there shouldn’t be any water dripping. You should also check the water heater’s drain. If there is any water dripping out of it, it’s possible the spring is corroded and the valve is not closing properly. Additionally, you should check if there is any water leaking around the threads. If there is a slow, continuous leak, it’s best to replace the release valve.

If you need any assistance with your water heater repair, make sure you contact a local company as soon as possible.

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