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Breaking the air conditioning in your car is one of the most obnoxious problems to face. This video will break down the basics of auto AC repairs.

The compressor is the workhorse of the system. It takes cool low-pressure gas and compresses it into high-pressure high temp gas.

This gas is pumped into the condenser. Air flows into the condenser, which cools the high-pressure high-temperature gas into a high-pressure liquid.

The receiver/dryer filters and absorbs contaminants, and the high-pressure liquid goes into the expansion valve which turns the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure liquid.

The low-pressure liquid goes into the evaporator and is boiled into a low-pressure gas. The heat is absorbed into the evaporator. The now cool gas is sent by a blower motor into the vehicle, giving you the comfortable AC you know.

The cycle begins all over again with the low-pressure gas. Another key instrument is a TXV system on the expansion valve. It continually adjusts the flow of cool air. The evaporator outlet temperature sets a maximum temperature and pressure. The pressure is generally 35 psi. Anything above that needs maintenance.

For more information on an automobile’s AC unit, click on the video in the link above.

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