What is the Cost to Build a Home?


This video discusses the price it may cost to build a home. Various factors determine how much it will cost for someone to build a home. The cost of the average house build is $144 per square foot. That ends up being over $223,000 to build a house. However, there are ways to get the price down to about $100 for each square foot.

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One way is to remove the stone on the front. Another way is to replace the vinyl plank floors with carpet and use a lower speckle of vinyl in kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. Another way to reduce the overall cost is to replace the granite counters with laminate countertops. Going to a slab foundation is another thing one can do. That could potentially reduce the cost of the house building project by another $10,000.

Another way to lower the initial cost of the project is to wait to finish the basement sometime in the future. It’s wise to wait until later, at a time when the red-hot construction market goes down a little bit. It’s very possible to decrease the cost of home building to $100 per square foot. The home builders have to be determined to use the tactics the speaker mentions in the video.


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