Give Your Kitchen a Facelift


Kitchen cabinetry

Walk into your kitchen right now and look around. What are the first things you see? Your countertops may be stunning, and your appliances might be cutting edge, but your cabinets are what tend to draw the eye most — there are more of them, and many of them are at eye-level. And that’s where you can effect a big change in the look of your kitchen.

The Economic Advantage. Rather than redesign your entire kitchen, you can replace your kitchen cabinetry for maximum effect. Even if you have custom-sized cabinetry installed, the dimensions can easily be matched and swapped out by your contractors. And if you have stock sizes installed, the replacement process is even easier.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets. You may have always had wood fronts to your kitchen cabinetry, but wood isn’t the only type of material out there. Glass-front cabinets are in vogue, whether using clear panels, slightly frosted panes, or even etched designs. If durability is your goal and you still like the look of wood, you might like composite resin with wood grain patterns. These can give you years and years of wear while still giving you the look you desire.

Wood Hues. The color of your wood can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your kitchen. Lighter wood, like cedar, can make a space sunnier, while a darker wood, like mahogany, can (you guessed it) darken your kitchen considerably. But it’s not always so “black and white.” Mixing a darker color of kitchen cabinetry with a brighter countertop or wall color (or vice versa) can add depth-of-field to an otherwise static design scheme.

Kitchen remodeling ideas can get extravagant and complex. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a mush-needed facelift without the hassle of a complete overhaul, look no further than your cabinets. Given the average cost to remodel a kitchen, a little change can go a long way. Continue reading here.

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