Woodworking with Iron on Wood Veneer Sheets


Furniture grade wood veneer

Iron on wood veneer sheets can be used for just about any project you might be working on such as building a doll house, building a bird house, or any type of wood working project. Wood veneer sheets can be iron on, peel and stick veneer, self adhesive veneer or paper backing wood veneer. Here we are talking about iron on wood veneer sheets. Iron on wood veneer sheets can be made of any wood, from bamboo veneer sheets, to oak sheets, cherry veneer sheets, and every shade and type within. By placing edge banding on the rough side of the iron on wood veneer sheets, it will give them a smooth looking edge.

Iron on wood veneer sheets differ from general veneer. Veneer refers to very thin slice of wood, which are usually thinner than 3 mm and are glued onto core panels. These core panels are made of wood, particle board or fiberboard in order to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and various types of furniture. Veneer beading is a thin layer of decorative edging placed around objects such as jewelry boxes. Veneer is made by peeling the trunk of a tree or it can be made by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood called flitches. The way the wood looks (grain and figure) comes from slicing through the growth rings of the tree and it depends on what angle the wood is sliced.

It does not matter how the veneer is sliced, but once it is, a distortion of the grain occurs. When the knife blade touches the wood it creates a loose side where the cells of the wood are opened up and a tight side. In the past, veneers were also sawed but it was more wasteful. In the even further past, veneer was popular among the ancient Egyptians who used veneer on their furniture and sarcophagi. Chances are, they were not using iron on wood veneer sheets! Find out more here: band-itproducts.com

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