How to Tell Which Type of Commercial Entrance Doors Your Business Needs


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Could your business’s storefront use a facelift? If so, you’re not alone: plenty of businesses need to update their commercial windows and doors every few years. If it’s been a while since your aluminum windows and doors have been swapped out, or if your entry door system isn’t providing your property with the security it needs, it may be time for new commercial entrance doors.

What kinds of commercial entrance doors are available, and what features do they offer? Here’s a summary of what’s on the market and how to tell if you might need one of these systems:

Manual commercial entrance doors
These types of doors are most commonly aluminum doors with glass. They can provide a clean, uniform look to your storefront, but you may find that overtime they have a variety of issues: they may rust, or they could lose strength in their springs or hinges or the pneumatic spring at the top.

Manual doors are useful because they allow customers to enter and exit as they please, and they are generally easy to maintain. They do not require power to operate, so they are useful in emergency situations, too.

Automatic door systems
Automatic entrance doors may include automatic sliding glass doors or automatic swing doors. They generally look a lot like your aluminum doors and windows, so they blend in well if you’re mixing and matching entryways. These doors can help you conserve energy because they won’t stay open any longer than they need to.

Because they run on power, they may require more maintenance. However, they provide added convenience for customers with multiple purchases and those who are elderly or disabled. They may be required or recommended depending on the size of your business.

Have questions about choosing commercial doors? Ask an installation service and leave a comment below. Continue your research here.

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