Making the Right Flooring Choice


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Replacing or refinishing the floors in your home can make a huge difference. Depending on whether you are just redecorating and still planning to stay in the house yourself, or remodeling before trying to sell the home, there are a number of different floor covering options to consider.

The most popular and well-known floor coverings are carpeting and hardwoods, but there are plenty of other materials as well, such as stone or tile. You can choose one of these floor coverings, or choose a combination of several different kinds of flooring to add a different texture and style throughout your home.

As previously mentioned, prefinished hardwood floors are the most most popular kind of floors. They are classic, durable, stylish, not to mention more environmentally-friendly and health-conscious. There are plenty of types of wood floors, including prefinished hardwood floors, laminate hardwood floors, and wood inlay flooring, among others.

Prefinished hardwood floors are not only popular for homeowners, but statistics show that potential homeowners are more likely to choose a home with hardwood flooring, and more likely to put out more money for a home that has hardwood floors. Since it’s pretty likely that they will prefer hardwoods, moving into a home that already has them saves them time, money, and energy replacing them themselves.

Some people prefer carpeting because it can be soft and warm underfoot, muffles noise, and is more easily customized. However, carpeting is far less popular today than it once was. However, trends come and go, so maybe wall-to-wall carpeting will be back on trend before we know it.

tile and stone are most popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. It is a good choice of material for wet floors and spills, as they are relatively easy to clean. But it’s important to keep up the maintenance or they will become stained.

Whatever your replacement flooring selection, hiring a replacement flooring installation service can help to make sure that your flooring looks its best, and will hold up as well as possible over the years. The best prefinished hardwood floors will last you for years to come. Great references here.

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