How to Keep Your Custom Home Project on Track


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Though most custom built homes take anywhere from 10-16 months to build, there are a variety of factors that can influence that time frame. Weather conditions, order changes, material shortages and the quality of the land can all affect the time it takes to complete custom built homes. The design process can add on another three months to half a year.

Fortunately, there are several ways that homebuyers can keep their custom built homes on track and reduce the time it takes to finish them.

  • Stick to a Timetable

    New custom homes take time to design, but it can help to keep the process moving along with a strict set of deadlines. When you meet with your designer, builder or architect, make sure you always know when the next meeting is going to be. Don’t settle for a vague estimate, make sure to get an exact date. You should also have a completion date in your building agreement. Keeping the design process moving along can get home buyers into their custom dream homes much sooner.
  • Plan Carefully

    The better custom designed homes are planned, the faster they’re usually completed. Come up with a detailed plan for what you want your custom home to be. Decide on lighting fixtures, flooring types, materials, and other factors that will affect design and construction. Usually a professional designer of custom luxury homes will walk you through each part of the process; all you have to do is be ready to make decisions. Putting things off could cause massive delays later in the project, especially if the home has been partially completed.
  • Don’t Make Last Minute Changes

    Changes will delay your move-in date at any point in the process. If you make sudden design changes, your designer will need more time to accommodate them. If you change your mind about a lighting fixture late in the building process, your builder will have to rewire everything and replace the walls. If your move-in date is a priority, try not to make any changes that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Talk to your builder or designer for more ways you can expedite the building process.

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