Understanding Why Regular Mold Inspections are Important


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Farmers Insurance has noted an increase in mold related claims of 1,100% over the last decade. This means that if you haven’t had home mold inspection and testing in a while, you should. Approximately 10-20% of the world’s population is allergic to mold and mold spores, and certain strains of toxic mold can cause cold-like symptoms, asthma and even permanent lung damage.

There are a few ways that homeowners can try to protect themselves from mold. Indoor humidity should be kept low, ideally between 30% and 50% relative humidity, though keeping it under 60% will help too.

Water damaged areas and items should be dried within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. If, however, the water or mold damage came from contaminated water or sewage, it’s best to call a home mold inspection and removal specialist, since you may be dealing with mold that’s even more dangerous than usual.

Still, even if you take the proper precautions, mold may still grow in your home. Mold won’t usually grow if temperatures are below 40 degrees or above 100 degrees, but it thrives at normal indoor temperatures.

Unfortunately, mold also hides in areas that are difficult to see, like the top side of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets and carpet pads, and the back side of wallpaper, paneling and drywall. If you think your home may be playing host to hidden mold, you should hire a professional to conduct a home mold inspection as soon as possible.

A professional should help you determine the cause of mold growth so it doesn’t keep coming back. They’ll also take samples of the mold and send it away for testing and interpretation.

Hiring a professional mold inspection company can keep you and your family safe from mold and the health risks that come with it.
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