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In a world where more and more homeowners are interested in making their home stylish as well as functional, designer contemporary furniture is increasingly popular. While many may have bought their furniture and other interior design staples from big box stores in the past, a drive to find top modern furniture brands is increasing the prevalence of modern furniture stores like Theodores. As the furniture market continues to be a strong force in the United States economy-representing around $63 billion dollars a year in revenue, Americans have more and more options in where they can buy the pieces they need to make their house a home.

Furniture has been an importance part of life for humans since early civilizations. The first discovered sofa is more than 4000 years old and dates back to 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt also holds the first evidence of tables, though back then they were little more than raised surfaces meant to keep items off of the ground. Tables meant more expressly for dining were first seen in Ancient Greece in Rome. Interestingly, these tables were designed to be pushed under beds when not in use-showing that maximizing the open living space in a home is hardly a new priority. Since these ancient times, however, furniture has changed quite a bit. As styles and trends change, so does furniture and today, with the focus in our world on sleekness and technology, modern furniture is more popular than ever.

Modern furniture, which embraces the principles of modernist art and design such as disruption, unexpected elements, and a rejection of realism and more traditional values, is being found more and more commonly in American’s homes. Whether their home features inexpensive modern furniture or pieces that are destined to become family heirlooms, many had to turn to specialty stores in order to find their pieces. One such store is Theodores, which provides design services and insights in addition to a large furniture collection. Stores like Theodores are growing more and more-whether by building on a smaller, more boutique long time business, or as a new start ups passionate about design and eager to provide modern furniture options to the masses.

Making your home have the design aesthetic you desire, while maintaining functionality for every day living is a priority for many. Modern furniture offers the advantage of bringing unique, functional items to your home. Whether you use a modern piece as a statement element in a more traditional design scheme, or want to have a home that looks like it comes directly from a modern design textbook, rest assured that there are more and more options to find the quality pieces you will need for your home.

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