Tub Resurfacing Actually is Everything its Cracked Up to Be

It looks like 2015 is slated to become the year in which the remodeling industry makes a comeback. After struggling for years during and following the Great Recession, it seemed as though homeowners would never to be able to invest in their homes. While the remodeling market has always fared better than the housing market, […]

Three Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Sewer System

When it comes to maintaining your sewer and drainage systems, CCTV sewer inspection is an invaluable tool. You can use this technology to perform a thorough lateral sewer line inspection, ensuring your system is free from blockages, damage, or other issues. A significant benefit of CCTV sewer inspection is the ability to generate a comprehensive […]

Has Winter Wreaked Havoc on Your Garage Door? Here Are the Repairs You Might Need

People invest in garage doors for homes to protect their vehicles and to keep any uninvited visitors out. But, despite how well it protects your car, garage doors do not come without problems and malfunctions. Garage door repairs and services should always be done by professionals who have skills and experience handling these things. This […]

Why Hiring a Handyman Is Good for Your Watch, Your Wallet and Your Life

If you’ve noticed quite a few small projects mounting up around your home, then it might be time to investigate handyman services. What is a handyman? A handyman is a person — man or woman — who has broad expertise in several areas of home repair services. That might include construction, painting, plumbing and electrical, […]

Three Commercial Alternative Energy Trends

Recent years have witnessed many large-scale commercial buildings and businesses shifting towards taking more responsible stances through efforts to reduce their ecological footprints and take on investment initiatives in renewable energy sources. Among the top trends in green energy sources that commercial businesses are tapping into are the solar panel system as well as wind […]

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