Why Hiring a Handyman Is Good for Your Watch, Your Wallet and Your Life


Handyman roofing

If you’ve noticed quite a few small projects mounting up around your home, then it might be time to investigate handyman services. What is a handyman? A handyman is a person — man or woman — who has broad expertise in several areas of home repair services. That might include construction, painting, plumbing and electrical, but also covers smaller tasks such as hanging artwork and cleaning out gutters. Whatever the tasks at hand are, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a handyman to accomplish them:

  1. Time Saved

    Handymen are often hired to take on projects that are too small to be worth hiring a specialized contractor — the type of projects you might take on yourself, if you had the time. With the busy schedules so many people juggle, it’s easy for non-immediate concerns like loose doorknobs, slightly leaky pipes or unsteady table legs to be left until something actually breaks. But a handyman can often wrap up in a single day projects that would have taken you months to complete.

  2. Quality Work

    Handymen may be jacks of all trades, but they still have specialized training and experience, meaning you can count on a high quality of work. Keep in mind, however, that not all handymen have the exact same skillsets. If you’re looking to hire an individual handyman, then it’s up to you to research and make sure you’re finding someone qualified in that particular field. You can make your life a little easier by working with larger handyman services that will send out the best man or woman for the job, but it’s really a matter of preference if you’d prefer to vet individual people or companies.

  3. Reasonable Prices

    Because handymen are willing to take on small jobs in several areas, they can help you save quite a bit of cash (as opposed to bringing in painters to paint just one room, carpenters to fix one loose board, plumbers to fix one leaky sink and roofers to nail down a few loose shingles). They may also be able to get professional prices on materials, and those savings will be passed on to you.

  4. Your Safety

    There are quite a few tasks around the house that can be hazardous if you don’t have the proper experience. Roof repair and gutter cleaning are obvious examples, but consider even hanging curtains on double-height windows or fixing a second-story railing. Not only are handymen trained to handle these situations safely, they ought to be insured so you’re not legally liable should something go wrong.

  5. Ongoing Help

    One of the greatest advantages of hiring handyman services is that you can build a relationship with a handyman or company over the years. That’s hard to do with more narrowly focused servicepeople; you only need your roof redone or your house repainted so often. But once you find the right handyman, you’ll probably find numerous tasks around the house that you’d rather have taken care of professionally.

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