Has Winter Wreaked Havoc on Your Garage Door? Here Are the Repairs You Might Need


People invest in garage doors for homes to protect their vehicles and to keep any uninvited visitors out. But, despite how well it protects your car, garage doors do not come without problems and malfunctions. Garage door repairs and services should always be done by professionals who have skills and experience handling these things. This is an important factor you must consider when hiring someone for garage door repairs.

A good garage door repair installation company will provide you with beneficial services such as installations, maintenance checks, regular cleanings. Many people do not know that certain signs tell if your garage door has a bigger problem or not.

If you notice any strange sound coming from the door while closing or opening, then this is a good indication that something is wrong with it. It may also need to be realigned, or its hinges and opener might require lubrication.

If you find out that you need garage door overhaul services, consider hiring professionals who can replace your old damaged door with a new one. Before you decide on anything, make sure to request a free quote. This way, you are guaranteed that your money will not go to waste. Garage doors have been considered an important part of home improvement because of the doors’ style and functionality.

A garage door is a crucial part of the home because it keeps the cars and the house safe. Most homeowners use the garage door daily, but they rarely take time to examine or inspect its condition. Only when something goes wrong will a homeowner seek garage door service to fix the problem. If the garage door doesn’t open or close using a control button, it needs to be repaired. The problem can be a bad connection or a door malfunction. Ensure you clear the debris that may be hindering it before looking for garage door help.

Another sign that your garage door needs repair is if the door makes a lot of noise. This means it is straining, and there may be a spring or opener problem. Consult a garage door maintenance and repair expert in your area to examine the issue.

Garage door professionals recommend checking and testing the balance of the doors yearly. So, ensure your garage door installation repair experts have checked the balance and rectify sagging sections. If your garage door office has a slow response time, it needs repairs. The garage door should open or close within a few seconds, and if it delays response, it indicates it has a problem.

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Winter can be a difficult time of the year to deal with in many parts of the country, especially where owning a home is concerned. In addition to worrying about keeping the house warm and avoiding being snowed in, homeowners also need to be concerned about one part of the house in particular — specifically, their garage doors.

A garage door is a blessing to a home when it works properly. However, there are many things that cold temperatures, snow, ice, and dangerous driving conditions can bring to this area of the house. If your home’s garage door hasn’t been inspected for some time, you could be at risk for several winter-related issues that require repairs and replacements.

Here are three signs that you may need to contact a garage door repair services company for a fix or a new installation:

    • 1.

The garage door opener stops working:

    • Cold temperatures can often spell trouble for electronics,

and your garage door opener is no different

    • . While there aren’t necessarily any specific problems that can result from cold temperatures, snow and ice can cause issues when they begin to thaw, and excess moisture could damage electrical parts. If you suspect that a problem has occurred with your garage door opener, call a professional to look at it rather than attempting to fix it yourself. Approximately 7.6% of garage door injuries happen in a person’s own home, and many of these involve shocks from the electrical parts. Leave it to a pro, even if you think you can handle it yourself.


    • 2.

The moving parts of the garage door are busted:

    • Another problem that comes with cold weather is that temperatures far below freezing can actually damage the metal parts of a garage door. The metal track, the rollers, and the chain for the opener may all be covered in a layer of grease to keep them moving smoothly. But when it gets cold enough, these parts of

garage doors

    • can freeze up, and that grease can harden. This can cause chains to break or result in other malfunctions, including in other drive types like screw and belt drives. If you hear any grinding noises or see any parts snap and break, stop using the garage door opener and call a repair service immediately.


    • 3.

The garage door has broken:

    This last sign may fall into the category of an emergency, like the others, but it’s unlikely to be caused by malfunctioning equipment. With winter can bring a lot of snow, and that can make driving a major hazard. Whether you’ve pulled your car up too close to the garage door, or a snow plow has gotten too close to the overhead doors, it’s possible for accidents to happen around the garage. Many garage doors today are made from aluminum, which can obviously dent when it is hit with a vehicle. While heavier wooden or steel doors may create a thicker barrier between the elements and your home, these can also be vulnerable to accidents. Make sure to get a broken door fixed or replaced as soon as possible, and avoid using the garage door opener to prevent further damage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late — get an inspection as soon as possible to avoid these issues. Have more questions about getting your garage door parts and overhead doors fixed or replaced? Call a professional, and leave a comment below, too.

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