Tub Resurfacing Actually is Everything its Cracked Up to Be


Tub installation

It looks like 2015 is slated to become the year in which the remodeling industry makes a comeback. After struggling for years during and following the Great Recession, it seemed as though homeowners would never to be able to invest in their homes.

While the remodeling market has always fared better than the housing market, it still experienced its share of post-Recession downs. Now, however, more than half of homeowners agree that now is a good time to renovate.

However, it’s important for homeowners to consider ways to reduce spending on remodeling by considering alternatives that will still yield quality results. One of those cost-saving alternative is tub resurfacing, also known as tub refinishing. Homeowners can literally save thousands by choosing bathtub repair or refinishing as opposed to replacing a bathtub.

At first glance, bathtub replacement may not seem all that bad — or expensive — however, this is rarely the case. While the average cost of a new, standard bathtub is only a few hundred dollars, this amount does not include labor or disposal feels, not to mention the cost of any repairs that may arise during the tub removal or installation process. What you once thought would be a simple, affordable, remodeling project, has now ballooned into an expensive nightmare.

On the other hand, resurfacing a bathtub is an affordable option to replacing a bathtub. Not only is it far less expensive — typically costing the same as purchasing a brand new bath tub, including labor — it will provide the same look as installing a new bathtub.

The tub refinishing process involves filling in any nicks, dents, or cracks in your existing tub with substance called Bondo, or another polyester putty. The surface is then sanded and smoothed, and sealed with a top coat in order to restore it to a like new condition. This top can be done in any color in order to suit a variety of tastes.

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