To Trench or Not to Trench? Trenchless Pipe Repair


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Are your sewer pipes at home not working? Do you need a drain cleaning company to repair or replace them? You’re in luck; there are plenty of draining cleaning companies in the United States. Pipes older than 40 years are prime candidates for repair or at least inspection.

For sewer pipe repair, however, you better save up. The pipes aren’t the only things you will need to have replaced.

Many homeowners will tell you that sewer pipes are notoriously difficult to repair for the simple reason that they’re buried deep underground. Getting to those pipes typically requires digging large trenches on one’s property. The resulting pits are an eyesore to say the least. Pipe repair projects often require restoration work for the front and back yards (sometimes both) in addition to the pipes themselves, jacking up the costs and taking up a considerable amount of time for homeowners and repair crews alike.

Fortunately for homeowners, however, a recent innovation in sewage and water pipe repair has completely changed the way the work is done. Trenchless pipe lining uses a special kind of pipe, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), to repair broken pipes. Rather than replace the broken pipes outright, trenchless pipe lining uses CIPP liner to go through existing pipes. The CIPP liner, highly flexibly and jointless, goes through the existing pipe and once finished, inflates so as to function as the new pipe. Doing this avoids the necessity to dig a large trench, reducing restoration costs considerably.

Interestingly, trenchless pipe repair is not well known among homeowners despite being available for residential homes for at least ten years. The cost of trenchless pipe repair, to be fair, is generally 30-50% higher than the conventional trench method. However, oftentimes trenchless work is more cost effective considering homeowners do not have to pay for the restoration work typically required for the trench method.

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