How to Get the Driveway of Your Dreams


There are many options for driveway asphalt repair. Driveway repair often isn’t necessary with the proper maintenance. However, a driveway will still absorb a lot of stress, especially in high-traffic areas. If people have a lot of guests regularly, they might have even more issues with their driveways and need more repairs.

These problems are less likely to happen with private driveways. However, professionals still need to rebuild driveway spaces that are private from time to time. You can redo your driveway as well, even if this is a space that is still in relatively good shape. When planning a redoing a driveway cost, know that pricing can vary.

Some people will spend around a few thousand dollars on changing their driveways. However, the people who just need to make a few basic repairs will usually not need to go that far. Some new and experienced local experts in the area can quickly help people make their driveways smoother and more effective.

When Janet decided to re-pave her driveway, she realized she had a lot to learn about concrete. There was a whole world of concrete contractors and cement specialists that she knew nothing about. She knew she wanted concrete because her best friend, Karen, had just gotten a concrete driveway and would never stop talking about it. Her contractor used concrete stencils that made Karen’ts driveway look like an entrance to a hidden garden cottage, not a typical suburban home. As much as Janet pretended to hate it when Karen spoke at length about concrete stencils, concrete stamps. or concrete resurfacing, secretly she was incredibly jealous and ready to make the change for herself.

Janet figured that Karen would probably be a better source of research than any internet website, so she set up a lunch date with her old friend with a secret mission-learn everything she could about concrete driveways, including maybe even the name of the company Karen used. After they were seated at lunch, it wasn’t hard to get Karen going on concrete. By the time the table bread arrived, Janet had already learned that she expect her new concrete driveway to last her 25-50 years. As the main course arrived, Karen was telling the story of how she was so smart to decide to repave in the spring, since the ideal conditions for pouring concrete are about 70 degrees and slightly damp. As they finished their meal, Karen explained it was so important to have a contractor that knew what they were doing, since a driveway needs to be sloped at least 1/8 inch per foot to allow proper water drainage. By the time dessert arrived, Janet was so overwhelmed with information she barely took in Karen’s stories about cement stain and concrete stencils.

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Much to Janet’s delight, she did not even have to ask Karen for the name of her great contractor (lest Janet reveal she actually enjoyed Karen’s constant talk of concrete). Karen just excitedly got out her contractor’s card, which she surprisingly still carried months after her new driveway was finished, and gave it to Janet. Janet felt like she was holding the golden ticket to the driveway of her dreams.

The next day, Janet nervously dialed the number listed on the card. A kind woman answered the phone and talked to Janet about exactly what she wanted. She offered to set up an appointment for one of their specialists to come out to Janet’s home, assess the property, and then discuss potential design options. Janet was amazed at how easy the whole process was!

Gifted with a cool summer, Janet’s driveway was done just a few weeks later. She absolutely loved the feeling of pulling into her driveway each day when she returned home. Soon, she found herself becoming the new Karen-constantly talking about her amazing new driveway and sharing the insider’s knowledge of the concrete world. She felt closer to Karen than ever before, plus she had a brand new driveway. All was well in Janet’s world!


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