Protecting Your Home from the Outside In


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When it comes to home decorating and remodeling, people often focus on aesthetic details that they see every day: flooring options, kitchen counter materials, shower tiles and the like. A construction company may be brought in to tear down walls and reconfigure floor plans. But, people often overlook the exterior of their home and the impact a few simple, updates can have on raising house values.

There are a few exterior areas you can focus your attention on that will offer a maximum return on investment. Before you start work though, plan out exactly what you want done. If you don’t have the skills to perform these tasks on your own, please contact a construction company and hire a professional contractor to perform the work correctly.


Replacing a roof, or making a roof repair, is one of the most valuable updates that can be made to a home. Overtime, roofs lose their ability to protect the interior of homes. Natural elements like temperature, storms, leaves and debris will weaken the integrity of roofing as it gets older. It’s normal to see cracks, holes and dislodged shingles on an old roof. These are red flags that tell mean you should look into replacing or repairing your roof immediately.

When choosing your new roof, consider the durability, as well as the look, of your roofing materials. There are a variety of materials to choose from including asphalt and wood shingles, Spanish and clay tiles and metal sheets. The best roofing material for your home will depend largely on your location and climate.


The siding of your home will be the first thing most people notice. Siding options vary greatly, including everything from brick to vinyl and stone to metal.

Vinyl siding has become increasingly popular it is a time efficient choice. It is low maintenance and requires no painting, already offering a variety of siding colors. On average, vinyl siding lasts for 40 years. Composite siding is a thicker alternative to vinyl. It offers better insulation and protection from outside elements. Composite siding if also relatively low maintenance. A paint job on composite siding will last 15-20 years.

Durability, ability to insulate, and maintenance are all important factors when it comes to choosing siding material.


The top priority to when choosing doors for your home is security. Whether a front door, french doors or garage doors, anything that offers entry into the home should be protective. Make sure that they are properly installed and well insulated.

Of course, there are also a wealth of styles and materials options when it comes to doors. There’s no reason they can’t be visually appealing as well as practical!


Research shows window replacement can collect 73% to 77% of replacement costs, when you sell your home. Most homes built before the mid-1990s contained single-pane windows. These windows are not energy efficient and often contribute to higher heating and cooling costs, as well as increased noise pollution.

Installing new, double-pane windows will decrease energy bills and lessen outside noise.

Call a local construction company today, and have them help you make these simple changes to your home exterior that promise to add to your house value.

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