The Importance of Compost for Gardening


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Here are three other ways compost is important for a successful garden:Creating your own organic compost is an excellent way to control your household’s waste. What it gives back, however, is amazing. As a matter of fact, using compost for gardening soil will yield much more fruits, vegetables and other plants than using non-composted soil. And since the average gardener who spends $70 on garden plants each season will grow more than $530 worth of produce, especially if using compost for gardening soil, that sure is a cost efficient reason to save scraps from your home and lawn, isn’t it?

Compost Improves the Structure of Your Top Soil

Organic compost
added to your soil will help to neutralize its pH balance and increase the soil’s ability to hold on to the nutrients that the plants need to grow. An early spring garden or early autumn garden will appreciate the natural nutrients the compost provides, and will in turn give a better crop.
2. Compost Can Increase the Amount of Nutrients Your Plants Contain
Studies have shown that there was a 19% increase in the number of fruit and vegetable gardens grown in households within the U.S. from 2008-2008. That’s because people want to feed themselves and their families more nutritious food than the chemical laden food they purchase at the grocery store.

During the decomposition phase, the organic material is broken down by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria, and creepy crawly critters such as earthworms. These organisms break down the soil and leave behind super nutritious compost for gardening.

3. Compost Helps Keep Diseases From Killing Your Plants

It is estimated that 54% of gardeners choose to grow a garden to save money. However, if your garden is killed off by disease, you aren’t saving much. Compost is great at warding off disease so that a garden can flourish and provide for a family.

Compost for gardening doesn’t just happen overnight
, but it is definitely worth the wait. So, the next time you are considering garden landscaping materials and topsoil options, consider turning your household’s waste into gardener’s black gold…compost.

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