Three Ways to Save on Cooling Costs


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Keeping cool in the scorching middle of August can seem nearly impossible without the help of an air conditioner within your home. And statistics prove this; a total of 87% of homes across the United States have an air conditioning system. In the Western viewpoint, it’s hard to imagine a life without heating and cooling services.
But believe it or not, your air conditioning system could probably be running more efficiently and costing you way less money. Not to mention, outdated air conditioners can be downright dangerous, causing fires and irreparable damage to homes and the lives of those who occupy them.home air conditioning systems to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible, while ensuring that your systems are functioning as efficiently, cost effectively, and as safely as possible.

Tip No. I: Practice Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance
Did you know that at least 20% of all residential buildings that were built in the 1980s have outdated heating and cooling systems? Generally speaking, with proper care and maintenance an air conditioner can last up to 15 years; anything older than that is likely to be inefficient and costing you more than necessary. Investing in heating and cooling services, replacement and repair are essential to ensuring that you equipment is up to speed. Additionally, practice regular AC maintenance, such as changing your air conditioner’s filter every three months.

Tip No. II: Practice Weatherization
If you aren’t weatherizing your home properly, your heating and cooling units are using way more energy than they should. By definition, weatherization is the process of sealing air ducts and pockets in the home, ensuring that the air inside stays where it should be. Not properly weatherizing your attic could result in up to 40% of energy wasted!

Tip No. III: Use Your Fans
If you have ceiling or standup fans in your home, using them to supplement your air conditioning would be a wise decision. While air conditioners cost up to 36 cents per hour, fans cost less than a penny! Fans help to better circulate cool air around your home, so your thermostat can already be set higher.

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