How to Choose the Right Wood for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets


One simple and easy way to breathe new life and vibrancy into any room of the home is with an upgrade to the flooring. Whether you go with a nice carpet, hardwood panels, tile, or something else, floor renovations are fairly easy compared to other upgrades and provide a quick way to boost the value of your home. And one of the most common rooms to get the flooring upgrade treatment is the kitchen.

The best way to get results you are sure to love is to work with skilled and experienced flooring contractors. These professionals can help you find the best ceramic tile for kitchen floor installations as well as help you determine your wants and needs as far as material and design goes. Flooring experts will also help you find the best durable flooring for kitchen spaces as well as work with you get the easiest kitchen floor to install on a tight budget,

When looking for a contractor to work with, a great way to weed through your list is to look specifically at their kitchen flooring reviews and see what past customers have said about their kitchen floor work. That should give you a good idea of what to expect from a particular flooring contractor.

Best custom bathroom cabinets

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, then you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the cabinetry. Cabinets can often make or break a home’s ROI and are often the lead subject of critique when people identify things in a house that need updating. This is probably why the cabinet and vanity industry lists about $20 billion in income every year.
We hope you’ve decided to joyfully contribute to this revenue by purchasing custom wood kitchen cabinets. We are just crazy about the off-the-grid, lumberjack-nostalgic zeitgeist flitting across our iphone screens lately, and custom wood kitchen cabinets are a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing way to communicate that you’ve claimed your space in the urban jungle without forgetting your natural roots.
Below are the most common types of wood used to creat custom wood kitchen cabinets along with brief descriptions:

Alder Wood
Alder wood is a popular choice for two reasons — it’s malleable and it’s cheap. One of the softer woods out there, it holds up nicely to staining and finishing touches. Perhaps because of it’s relative fragility, Alder wood ranges in price, but can be found for an average of $4.90 per 4/4 stock unit. It ranges in color from a pale red to a russet color, and its wood grain is as flexible as the rest of it; you might find alderwood with many a pleasing rustic streak and pin hole or a totally smooth, formica-like texture.

Cherry Wood
As far as custom made cabinets go, you don’t get classier than cherry wood. Cherry wood is a popular choice for it’s durability and style versatility. You’ll find cherry wood in old-fashioned designs and in impeccably updated kitchens. This is also probably due to its color range of blonde to rich brown, a popular neutral choice with homeowners nowadays. The downside to cherry wood is that you definitely pay for grace, style, and durability, with it costing around $7.00 per unit.

Oak Wood
If you want no-nonsense rustic, go with tried and true, no-frills oak. One of the cheapest options available at $4.29 a unit on average, oak tells it like it is in your kitchen. It’s muted grain and tawny color says “I don’t need all that la-dee-da cherry wood to tell a story. My job is to hold up the real star of this kitchen — the food!”

Maple Wood
Maple can best be described from a visceral style perspective as “the dainty choice.” One of your palest options, maple can have cream-colored notes all the way to russet, and has a simple grain with the odd bird’s eye knot demurely in the corners. It’s of middling price, between $5.50 and $6 a unit depending on where you look, and adds that special character aspect to any kitchen worth its salt supply.


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