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Over the past ten years, technology has expanded to unpredictable heights and now has an impact on our daily lives in terms of usage. If you are a homeowner then you are more than likely aware of how important electricity is because of your energy bills. Each month every homeowner is given a summary of their energy bills and that is a simple reminder as to how often electricity is used.

There are whole house generators and stand and even an emergency generator that you can purchase. You will need this as a homeowner and especially so if you own a restaurant, which we will get into later. There are random unknown facts about getting a generator. For instance, if you have a generator in storage and it is not used in the span of 30 days, then you need to stabilize the gas with a fuel stabilizer.

Most American households will spend 2.7% of their income solely on energy bills. Make sure you get a generator to be cautious in case of emergency. Here are some things you should know about buying a generator and generator installers.

A Generator Is Helpful In Extreme Situations

Like other items, there are going to be installation requirements when you buy this item. However, do not let this stop you. Federal data has revealed the now the United States electric grid loses power 285% more often than in the year of 1984. As a matter of fact, in just a year of 2014, there were a reported number of 130 grid outages. These types of power outages will hurt many American businesses, for instance like a restaurant.

Restaurants and other businesses will not only lose business because they are not open as a building but if they are a restaurant they will have to throw away food. If the power is out in your home or business for more than 4 hours then there is no question it is not safe to consume. Power outages will make American businesses fork over $150 billion each year. Make sure you have a food thermometer to check out all of the temperatures of your food before you cook or eat it.

Get the Right Generator

You can easily get a generator size calculator if you need one and you can hire someone to go through the process of generator installation for you. When figuring out the size you need to know the total rated watts of all appliances that you want to use while experiencing a power outage. It is easy to figure out some of the totals on items by just applying a number of items with the watts. For instance, ten 100-watt light bulb uses about 1,000 watts which are also considered to be a kilowatt.

The size of the generator you need can be easily determined by what you intend to supply power to. For a tailgate party where you’re running a video system and perhaps some warming trays, you could get by with a generator that produces 1,000 watts. However, if you hope to run your household via generator during a power failure, you’ll need considerably more current.

In Conclusion
Make sure you figure out all of the necessary details when you buy an item like a generator. you do not want to end up destroying it the first time you use it by overloading it with too many watts. It is no different from a fuse box in your house containing all of the fuses. The last thing you want to do is blow a fuse and have to reset everything in your house. Take care of the optics and everything else will fall right in line.

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