Use a Landscape Architecture and Construction Company to Create Your Outdoor Space


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Yards are very important to homeowners, and having outdoor living space has grown significantly in popularity of recent years with many homeowners setting up elaborate outdoor living rooms, bars, and cooking areas. Outdoor kitchen space makes it easy to grill, make stone oven pizzas, and more. They can be as simple as a built in grill and storage space or as elaborate as a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.

According to one study, over half of homeowners that decide to upgrade their outdoor living space spend at least six hours a week outside relaxing, gardening, and entertaining among other outdoor activities. Most of these types of upgrades pertain to the backyard where homeowners feel they have more privacy to enjoy themselves.

Consumer research shows that patios are the most common outdoor feature requested by homeowners along with pergolas and arbors. A custom patio design allows the homeowner to take ownership over the look and feel of their outdoor space. A landscape architecture and construction company can help make sure the outdoor space reflects the family that is going to be using it. Water features are also very common as they provide a calming impact on the space where people go to relax.

As people are transforming their yards into living areas, the three most common design elements they integrate are fireplaces, lighting, and wireless internet. These features allow them to utilize their backyard fully regardless of the time of day or night. A landscape architecture and construction company can help create a design that works these elements in seamlessly, so they do not appear chunky or out of place.

Homeowners are willing to put in the work to keep their outdoor living space looking great. On average, homeowners spend four hours a week maintaining their yard. Over ninety percent of people surveyed believe that a well-maintained yard is very important, and real estate agents would agree with this statement.

Obviously, not everyone is going to want to expand the time and energy working on their property when they would rather be enjoying it. Many homeowners opt to use a landscape company to maintain their property and outdoor living space. Even those that enjoy gardening and working on their flowers may employ a landscaper to do the jobs they don’t want to do like mowing or edging.

A Landscape Architecture and Construction company can also help you choose the flowers and plants that will go with the design but also grow well in your area, so they do not create a maintenance disaster. Choosing local plants and flowers means they will grow heartier without needing special care.

Nearly ninety percent of real estate agents recommend homeowners contract a professional landscaper to enhance the curb appeal of their property before putting it on the market. It has been shown that landscaping can increase a home?s value by up to 14%. Studies have shown that potential home buyers will make a decision about a house based solely on the outside appearance.

If you are looking to sell your home, a little work can go along way. Planting some flowers near the doorway and making sure the yard is mowed and weed free will even help. When looking at return on investment, landscaping work reports 100 percent return on investment. It helps the house sell quicker and for more money.

If you aren’t sure what to do to increase the curb appeal, you can always consult your real estate agent, who may be able to give some pointers. You can look at houses that appeal to you to see what they have done in the front. You can also contact a landscape architecture and construction company to see what they would recommend.

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