Learn how to DIY a Shingle Repair


This video discusses shingle repair and whether someone should call a local roofer or do DIY work. There are some things that a homeowner can do by himself or herself if the roof is in otherwise good condition. DIY jobs work best on roofs that are in great condition, with the exception of one or two shingles.

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The tools necessary for a DIY shingle repair include a flat bar and a hammer. Old-style shingles will probably be easier to remove than newer ones, but the flat bar should take care of that part of the process. After the damaged shingles are loosened, removing the nails is the next step. The shingles should slide out with only a slight tug after the person removes the nails from the shingles.

The speaker recommends replacing the entire damaged shingles instead of trying to do a patch job with caulk or some other substance. A new shingle can easily slide into place after the individual removes a damaged shingle with the flat bar and hammer. The individual can then hammer nails into the new shingle and be done. The entire replacement process can be finished within a few minutes. The video gives some tips for doing an excellent job.

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