What to Expect During Your Central Air Install


This video shows Andrew from Alpine Home Air Products hosting a complete central air install. They ask that you watch the entire video before installing the central air.

They show you what tools to use and the steps to take.

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This video is intended to help you do most of the central air install work yourself. However, there will be some steps at the end that you will need a professional to finish. It should cost between $100 – $200.

All of the tools are laid out, and Andrew explains all the tools. In addition, Andrew shows and describes the supplies package. It is a package of all the supplies you will need. Alpine Home Air Products provides the supplies package. Andrew goes into detail about all of the items in the package. Andrew shows you the condensing unit, the electrical whip, and the electrical safety shut-off.

Andrew explains every part of the air conditioner on the inside and outside of the house. He then goes on to define what every part does and where they go.

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