Consumers Name Most Reliable AC Company


Getting the right system and maintaining it are the keys to having your air conditioning when you need it.
When choosing the best air conditioner companies to get AC units to install in your homes there are a few key factors to consider such as the total cost of installation, the lifespan of the air conditioner unit, warranties offered, energy efficiency, and the size of the unit you need.

Consumer Reports conducted a 16-thousand-person survey to determine which air conditioner companies may be trusted.

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They discovered that AMERICAN STANDARDS is more trustworthy than other brands for conventional systems, whereas AMANA is more prone to breaking. They also found out that AMERICAN STANDARD and BRYANT are among the most dependable heat pumps, while YORK and GOODMAN are more likely to go wrong.

The way a system is installed, the quality, the ductwork, and even the size and layout of the house can all have an impact on how well it works. Because even the most dependable air conditioner will let you down if it is not properly maintained. Choosing more reputable air conditioner companies, however, can increase your chances of having a long-lasting system.

Filters should be checked and cleaned every month, according to experts. Check for clogs around the drain pipe and clear debris from around the condenser coils. Inspect the area around the ducts for insulation and seal any leaks. Bring in a licensed professional for an AC checkup once a year.


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