How to Repair a Lawn Mower


Your lawns must be clean and not bushy. You need to maintain its beauty. One way of removing tall grasses growing in your lawn is a lawnmower.

If a brand new lawn mower’s price is too for you, go for a surplus or an old but repairable one. Bring it to repair shops and spend a little more on the repair, or you can do the lawn mower repair yourself if you have the skill. Here are some tips for lawn mower repair:

First, you must prepare cleaning materials such as cleaning spray and cleaning fluids like petrol.

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Get your tools ready, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.

Secondly, unscrew the broken part like the carburetor. Make sure you do some markings to make it easier to assemble them. Clean the injectors or nozzles thoroughly by using the cleaning spray. Blow air into the nozzle hole with your mouth. Air can go through when the nozzle is clear. Change the broken or old parts if needed.

Thirdly, clean the rest of the parts with cleaning fluid to remove the soil, rust, and dust. You must check the oil and fuel tank for gunk. Remove them by using spray and let them dry. Check on the electrical wires and spark plug, too. They may need rewiring or replacement.
Since you have put markings on each part, assemble them carefully. Put oil into the oil tank, put petrol, start and run.

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