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You may not think about all the components of a good roof, but there are a lot of details to keep your home protected from the elements. Here’s a list of the most important parts of your roof.

Leak Barrier

The first layer of the roof is a high-performance leak barrier. This covers the eves and valleys at the edge of your roof and around chimneys. These spots are the most vulnerable to leaking, and the barrier keeps them protected.

Roof Deck Protection

Roof deck protection makes up the second layer. This protects from wind-blown rain that can get underneath the shingles.

Metal Drip Edge

A metal drip edge is installed. This helps keeps water away from the edges of your roof, which, as mentioned above, are vulnerable to leaking.

Starter Strips

Starter strips with a strong adhesive are applied to lock in the first row of shingles that sit at the edge of your roof.

Ridge Bend & Socket Vents

A ridge bend and socket vents are installed at the apex of the roof to let hot air leave attic. This warm moist air can do damage to the interior of your attic.

Ridge Catch Shingles

Finally, ridge catch shingles are added over the ridge bend for protection and to give your roof a finished appearance.

Hopefully, you have a newfound respect for what it takes to make a tightly sealed roof. If you’re having roofing problems, call a local roofing service in your area and ask them to check out the details on your roof.



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