Tips for Buying a Quality Oil Heater


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Instead of running up costly utility bills, you can heat oil with space heaters. These smaller units can heat up a room and keep energy bills low.

Temperature Variability

When looking for a portable space heater, you want something that offers you different temperature levels and a digital thermostat display. This will allow you to make sure you don’t overheat a room or waste fuel.

Fuel Efficiency

Many space heaters also offer eco-modes to help maintain fuel efficiency. This can the long-term lifespan of the heater and minimize fuel costs.

Area Covered

Additionally, pay attention to how much area a space heater can effectively heat. The best out there usually can heat around 300 sq. ft. of space. You may need to get more than one, or invest in an oil heater connected to the infrastructure of your home if it’s larger.

Smart Heaters

There are also smart heaters that can connect to your wifi. This allows you to control the temperature settings from your laptop or another mobile device.

If you live in a smaller apartment or can’t afford larger heating systems for your home, these space heaters are a great option to help you get through the winter months. Watch the video above for some starting options.



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