Tips for Replacing a Rotted Fence Post


Many houses that face harsh winters and tough weather conditions will have to replace parts of their fencing at some point. Especially with wood fencing. It can rot and look ugly, or completely break rendering your fence useless. In this video, you will learn how to replace a rotted fence post and restore the look and utility of your fence.

First, identifying where the rotted post is can help make your job much easier. To find the right post, walk down your fence and push against it to see if it’s sturdy.

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In the video, you will see what a rotted fence post does when you push against it.

Then, you want to dig up the ground around the post to find the rotted part. Go to your local fence store to find matching material to use. This is important because getting the same material will make the fence look nice and uniform.

In order to take out the post, you have to remove it from the rails. Do this by drawing lines on the post where the rail is, then use a circular saw to cut that part of the post which will release it from the rails.

Continue watching this video to learn how to replace a fence post. Replacement on a post is more cost-effective than doing a whole fence replacement.

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