Tips for Finding Leaks on a Flat Roof and How to Fix Them


If you have a flat roof on your commercial or residential building, you need to be paying very close attention to it. You need a go-to roofing service because flat roofs are much more at risk of leaks than pitched roofs are. Flat roofs will retain water much easier than pitched roofs and this will lead to more leaks and roof problems.

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To find potential leaks from the exterior of the roof, you’re going to want to look for missing flashing around vents and other structures on the roof. Flashing is what prevents water from seeping into whatever crack is between the structure and the shingle. You’re also going to want to pay attention to any areas of the roof that have pools or puddles of water. There should be no standing water on your roof.

On the interior of your roof, you need to be actively looking at the interior of your roofing structure. Any signs of puddles, water, dried water spots, or areas where you can see sunlight through the roof are going to be a problem. For more information, please watch the provided video for more tips.


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