Why Would a Land Clearing Business Not Take Your Job?


A land clearing project can be very difficult but is often necessary when doing home improvements. You may even need to have land cleared if you are having a new home built. This video goes through the process of a walkthrough and what can make a land clearing business turn down a project.

They will start by viewing the property to see what needs to be cleared. In this instance, the trees have been cut down anywhere between 12 and 16 feet.

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There are about 11 stumps with each being at least 18 inches in diameter. While the trees have already been cleared, the trees are all still intact.

There are also large pipes on the land that needs to be cleared, and a new area dug for an 8-foot deep basement. After all that, the client wants to have a driveway installed. The problem with this is that it is difficult to remove stumps without the trees still attached. The price that the customer suggested was too low for the business.

Basically, it is always best to be honest about an estimate for a job. This will make sure that the client is okay with paying the amount you need for labor and removal. Make sure your land clearing company is honest with you about how much a job will cost before moving forward.


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