How to Remove Black Mold


How do you identify if there is mold underneath the kitchen sink? Well, in most cases, you can see evidence of massive water damage. Jeff suggests using a very aggressive antimicrobial to start this black mold removal. Make sure you are using protective equipment such as rubber gloves, full-body hazmat suit, and a mask to protect all areas of your body.

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Let the product you use sit on the surface where the mold is and eat away at the mold before wiping it away. When you do wipe it away, most of the mold will be gone off the surface. You will want to do this step a few times to make sure you get rid of the mold completely.

Unfortunately, depending on the type of material that gets compromised with mold, you will need to get it cut out, bagged, and dispose of it as it cannot be cleaned.

You should also do mold remediation to build a critical barrier, so the mold does not escape the area. As well as this, you should get an air scrubber that has a HEPA filtration, so that any mold in the air will get picked up and taken out by the hose into the outdoor air.

In case you have this problem again, you should put a water alarm so that in the future, you can know about a leak again in the same area.


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