What You Should Know About Foundation Damage


In Pinellas County, foundation damage is easily seen since it’s all beach and most foundations are built on sand. When there are small hairline cracks on walls, floors, and ceilings, then that’s very common in Pinellas County, but huge cracks show that there is a significant foundation issue and a structural engineer should be contacted to check on them. Mostly, piers are set underneath the foundations so that the house sits on them and not sand.

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Do Not Neglect a Strong Foundation

Most home and business owners who neglect strong foundations encounter foundation damage, hence incurring huge losses and the high cost of repairs. Some of the factors that cause foundation damage include bad drainage, plumbing issues, and soil extraction.

<2>Tips to Minimize Foundation Damage

Nevertheless, there are ways put in place to help minimize foundation damage, which include; maintaining the recommended moisture levels, draining water from the building, watering the foundation, grading the foundation properly, building being away from wet and sloppy areas, and plumbing being inspected annually and using quality foundation materials.

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