An Exterminator Tackles Horrid Cockroach Infestation


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Cockroach infestations are one of the nastiest problems a homeowner can face. Expert exterminators need to be called in to tackle the problem early so it doesn’t get out of hand. This video shows what happens when you wait too long to call the exterminator.

The cockroaches infestation in this home is bad. A sign of the severity is the cockroaches are roaming about during the day. Since the insects are nocturnal and tend to scurry away from light for protection, seeing them in the open during the day means that there is likely a big infestation.

The pest controller places small dabs of cockroach poison in the dark recesses of the cabinets and shelves. If a few cockroaches eat the poison and die, they will likely be eaten by their comrades and the poison will spread. Unfortunately, this won’t take care of the problem completely.

The exterminator then moves the refrigerators underneath the countertops and finds hundreds of roaches. He places drops of the poison but needs to use something stronger and more immediate. He places sticky traps behind the refrigerator and it has an almost immediate impact.

The exterminator then pumps in insecticide to make a significant dent and will return to make another check in the coming days.


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