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The nice thing about designing, building and redecorating homes in the twenty-first century is that you have more options than ever before: design and home decorating magazines, web sites, and pictures of beautiful houses are everywhere, and there are endless styles and materials to choose from. But recently, it seems that a number of people are interested in a particular material: bamboo, bamboo flooring especially. Suddenly, all of my friends seem to be asking me “Is bamboo flooring good in a kitchen?” or “Is bamboo flooring good in a living room?”, and a few have even shown me samples.

The truth is that a bamboo wood floor can be as good a flooring option as a more traditional oak floor or other kind of timber floor. In fact, if you’re looking for a more relaxed, simple, and modern look in your home, bamboo, whether used in a bamboo kitchen floor or even in the bathroom, could really bring the look together. However, before you buy any type of flooring, you should always ponder a few basic questions and do a little research. This is doubly true before a bamboo floor installation, where the material being used is a little more unusual. So, if you’re asking “is bamboo flooring good…”, ask yourself this:

1.) What do you want your floors to look like? There are numerous ways to incorporate the bamboo look, and you don’t have to use it as flooring if you know in your heart of hearts that you’d prefer oak floors. But if you’re set on this unusual material, you need to know how to choose bamboo flooring, which means knowing the color, texture, and style you’re looking before you go shopping.

2.) How much do you want to pay? The cost of bamboo flooring can depend on a variety of factors, from quality to shipping costs. Feel free to do some research and make some careful choices before you drop half of your design budget on your floors.

3.) Do you have a way to install the floors? After all, laying bamboo flooring is a bit different from installing a solid timber floor. Do you know a contractor who is familiar with bamboo floors, or can you find one in your areas? Or are you experienced enough in renovations to install it yourself, and willing to put in the work and research to learn how to do it correctly?

If you’ve considered these questions, I give you the go ahead! Go out and find the best bamboo floor for your home!

Have you installed bamboo floors in your home? How do you like them? Tell us in the comments below!
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