3 Curtain Trends for 2014 You Won’t Want to Miss


Window awnings

The interior design of your home will tell any visitor exactly what you value in your house. Carefully positioned furniture, poignant wall hangings, and your choice of paint colors accent your home with a touch of your personality. But what often adds life to your home are the windows.

New home buyers are becoming increasingly interested in how much natural light enters the house. As a result, generic, commonly-placed windows are being replaced with expansive windows that either span an entire wall, or ceiling to floor windows that allow an unlimited amount of sunlight in. One of the keys to maximizing sunlight is choosing careful window treatments. This means that traditional roller blinds and window shutters are decreasing in popularity, and unique, patterned curtains are on the rise.

While you may think that curtains and drapes only serve to obscure the sunlight, this is not always the case. Here are a few curtain trends that not only invite the sunshine in, but highlight it to accent a room.

  • Color Bomb. Second to the kitchen, the most popular room in your house is probably the one with the TV, typically the family room. With a family room that is positioned either toward the rising or setting sun, finding curtains or drapes that compliment the room will be critical. But it is not simply enough to look at your furniture or walls and think about what will match. Instead, this year’s themes point to pops and bursts of color that contrast your room in different ways. For example, a room with neutral or beige furniture could use orange or red curtains. Beautiful Homes and Designs reports that virtually any jeweled color will work in this situation. These colors also give the sunlight a playful tone as it enters through the window.
  • Intricate and Detailed. While the overall look of a room may be simplistic, patterned and striped designs can add the splash of visual interest you need. Stripes are making their return this year, particularly wide horizontal stripes. As window sizes continue to increase, the stripes on curtains are following suit to give a room an even larger feel. Just like clothing, narrow stripes create a visual elongation, and horizontal stripes are expansive. Similarly, patterns can boost the appeal of windows. Bold colors mixed with floral and geometric patterns highlight windows expertly, and draw your eyes toward the sunlight streaming in.
  • Go Grommet. In many homes, grommet curtains are a staple, and this will not change this year. Grommet refers to the top panel of the curtain, where a grommet, a circular eyelet, comes already woven into the fabric of curtains and drapes. Putting grommet curtains up is easy, as it only requires pushing a long rod through the holes to string them together. The advantage of these curtains is that they are low maintenance, and they create loose, flowing folds in the fabric. While tight pleats in curtains and drapes obscure sunlight, the minimal organic pleats this style creates filter the sunlight just enough.

The theme with all of these curtain types is, “I’m gonna let it shine, but with a twist.” The bold colors and varying fabrics of the latest designs add appeal, and force the eye to shift toward the windows. And you might love this effect since your family will be focused more on your windows than the TV. Learn more at this link.

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