Are You Making Your Allergies Worse?


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Too few Americans realize that heating and cooling companies may actually impact your life more than you think — and probably more than you like, too. In fact, heating and cooling services and home air conditioning services can sometimes determine how much you suffer from seasonal allergies, or, in extreme cases, whether you suffer from them at all. What do you need to know about heating and cooling systems and summer allergies, and how are you making your hay fever even worse?

You Never Change Air Conditioner Filters

If you don’t know how to change your air conditioner filter, heating and cooling companies can do it for you — and they should, too. Central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to operate most efficiently. You should have your air conditioner inspected at least once a season. When working their best, air conditioners will actually filter allergens out of the air — making it easier for you to breathe and keeping the worst hay fever symptoms under control.

The Words “Pollen Count” Mean Very Little To You

If you are allergic to pollen, keeping tabs on the pollen count can easily be a godsend. Pollen counts are available online on and even popular weather services sites, like Americans can also watch the weather on TV for daily pollen counts. Time any outdoor activities around high pollen counts.

Your House Is A Mess

Having a cluttered home can trap dust and allergens — and ultimately make you miserable. Even children’s toys, like stuffed animals, can agitate allergies. Be meticulous about your cleaning routine, and choose hard plastic or vinyl toys for kids.

Don’t suffer needlessly this allergy season. Team up with heating and cooling companies to keep your air conditioner running most efficiently, and keep your home spotless to help reduce allergens. For more information see this.

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