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It was architect Frank Lloyd Wright who once told a client, “A car is not a horse; it does not need a barn”, and originally coined the term “carport”. Cheap carports are a viable alternative to bulky garages and expensive storage facilities. Although carports are typically cheaper than both garages and storage companies, it doesn’t mean they are of a lesser quality or offer less protection. With the increase of Americans purchasing recreational vehicles, carports are becoming much more common and necessary. An estimated 7% of Americans now own at least one recreational vehicle, and there are about 18 million who own a recreational boat. The massive amount of RVs that are owned in the US has created a strong demand for a simple and easy to maintain storage option. Cheap carports can be a very smart, inexpensive option for those looking to protect their vehicles without breaking the bank.

There are many benefits for choosing a cheap carport over a storage facility or full garage. Carports offer a much smaller alternative to a garage and can help dramatically save space. They offer very similar protection and cover your vehicle while being an efficient use of space in your backyard or driveway. Metal carports, typically made from steel, will protect your vehicle from the elements and the majority of harsh weather conditions. Steel protects against even the most damaging forms of precipitation including hail and ice. Cheap carports also offer much greater convenience compared to storage facilities. With your own, personal carport protecting your vehicle, you never have to worry about accessing it. You have complete control over your vehicle and don’t have to worry about a facility’s rules, regulations, or hours of operation. One of the greatest perks of cheap carports for the average RV owner is, of course, the inexpensive carport prices compared to both storage companies and garages. Garages are a much larger construction project with many more materials, which makes them more expensive. Storage facilities typically offer yearly or monthly rates, which end up being much more costly if you plan to store your RV long term. It is much easier and inexpensive to spend a one time fee for cheap carports, which also allow for an unlimited amount of storage time.

What do you think is the best option for protecting your vehicle: a carport, garage, or storage facility? Let us know in the comments section! More like this article.

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