Are Your Floors Getting Ignored?


Vinyl flooring

Floors: Probably the one part of every building that get ignored all the time (except when they’re wet and someone falls and files a lawsuit — then everyone has something to say about the importance of door mats and warning signs), even though the floors are one of the most essential parts of every single building. Doesn’t matter if you live in a single-story house with 100% hardwood flooring, or in a 10th-floor college dorm room complete with this great “industrial” carpet that no one asked for and no one enjoys — the floor is essential for the entire structure of the building. And you walk on it every single day, probably without giving it a second thought. Well, we’re going to change that.

  • You probably never realized that the industry vinyl, tile, and hardwood flooring is so big that it’s estimated that there are nearly 22,000 individual flooring companies in the U.S. In other words, thousands of Americans are staying employed because people like your mother exist — you know, those people who needs to do a full kitchen/bath/living room remodeling project every five years, see these great tile flooring ideas on Pinterest and simply needs to have one of them in the house. Sometimes indecision isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  • Hardwood floors, in particular, are becoming extremely popular for homeowners who are looking for some remodeling ideas. It’s estimated that, on average, homeowners in the U.S. are willing to spend about $5,800 to have solid wood flooring installed in their homes. Many people find that it increases the aesthetic quality of a home, but that it’s easier to maintain than a carpet.

  • And perhaps that’s why people looking to buy a house are willing to spend, on average, $2,000 more for a house furnished with hardwood floors than they would on a house with carpets and tiles. Clearly, installing hardwood floors is one of the best investments a homeowner can make (and it definitely helps that there are no stress-inducing red wine-meets-white carpet situations to worry about).

It’s okay if you haven’t been giving your floor enough attention lately — but maybe it’s time to start! There’s never been a better time to begin a small home remodeling project, and you might be surprised by how much of a difference it can make when you replace your floors. More on this.

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