Why Your Home Needs a Screen Door


Retractable screens for french doors

When many people think of home renovations that can make their lives easier, they often overlook the simple improvement of installing a screen door. Screen doors have many benefits over leaving an external door alone, and are very cost-effective to install.

Screen doors increase airflow. If you are working in your kitchen in the summer and want a nice breeze, you can open your external door and leave the screen door closed. The screen will keep bugs and pollen out of your home, while allowing fresh air and sunlight to come through. The extra lighting allowed by a screen door may even encourage you to keep your electric lights off, thus reducing your energy bill.

Screen doors can lower your energy bill in other ways, too. In addition to encouraging you to keep your lights off during the day, a screen door can create a buffer zone between the interior of your house and the summer heat or winter chill outside. By adding another layer outside your regular door, a screen door can act as another layer of insulation, lowering your heating and air conditioning bills.

Screen doors can add security to your home. Most screen doors come with a locking mechanism, so even if your regular door is open, you can prevent intruders and unwanted visitors from entering your home. A screen door can also function as an additional barrier to deter burglars, especially if you lock both it and your normal door.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a screen door, but don’t like how it will look in your house, you can invest in a retractable screen door. Retractable screen doors will function like a normal screen door when you need them to, but hide neatly in their housing when you want them out of sight. Custom retractable screen doors can be ordered for any door in your house, are easy to clean, and just as cost-efficient to install as normal screen doors.

If you are looking for an easy way to add convenience to your home life, consider adding a screen door to your house. With energy-saving advantages and added security, a screen door can make life more comfortable.

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