Three Decorating Tips for Migraine Sufferers


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If you suffer from migraines, you have likely figured out a number of ways to help reduce your symptoms, or at least help yourself relax until the pulsing, nauseating feeling passes. For many people, this means isolating themselves in a dark, quiet room, taking care to relax until the sensation disappears. However, achieving the right level of darkness can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, with the right decor, you can create a relaxing space that won’t aggravate your symptoms. Read on to learn how you can prep your bedroom or other space for your next migraine.

Pay Attention to Color
To most people, white may seem like a breezy, relaxing presence in the home. However, for people with migraines, white spaces can trigger a headache. For this reason, try to use deep, dark colors like coffee, garnet and sapphire to reduce your eye pain. Keep an eye out for beautiful wallpapers, paint, bedding and window treatments to make your room as dark as possible, but also attractive when the lights are on.

Invest in Blackout Shades, Blinds or Curtains
Blackout shades, blackout blinds and blackout curtains block out 95% of the sun’s rays, which can help ease migraine pain, promote energy efficiency, and keep rooms cooler in the summertime. If you aren’t crazy about the look, however, consider using thick draperies or other window treatments that offer similar benefits.

Keep Your Lights Low
While you’ll likely need some light once the episode has passed, it can be helpful to have one lamp in your room with low-wattage bulbs to help you navigate the dark room without stumbling. Also consider keeping some tea lights and matches by your bed for this same reason: the light of a small candle will be easier on your eyes and won’t trigger your symptoms.

How do you prepare your rooms for a migraine? Are there any steps you take to keep spaces dark? Tell us about it in the comments below! See more.

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