Remodeling Your Bathroom For the First Time


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While it is easy to get swept up amongst all of the colors and textures of bathroom paint swatches, tile colors, cabinets and light fixtures, it is incredibly important to not neglect the functional aspects of the bathroom.

The two main areas that you should start with when remodeling your bathroom are the bathtub/shower and the toilet. While they aren’t as fun as picking out paint swatches, ensuring that your bathroom has functional equipment like a toilet and a tub will provide a solid foundation for you to explore further design options.

Finding the Right Renovations For Your Bathroom:

  • While choosing a conventional bathtub is a popular option for many, there is a new option rising in popularity: the walk in bathtub or shower. Walk in shower dimensions are great for those with limited space, as the walk in shower dimensions take up less room than conventional tubs and offer a higher level of convenience and safety. Walk in bathtubs are particularly geared toward people who have issues with mobility. Walk in shower dimensions are small but generally include safety rails, seating etc. For those who have a hard time walking or if you have an elderly relative living with you, installing a corner tub can be a very practical option.
  • For those looking for a more luxurious bathing experience, try looking into purchasing a soaking tub. Soaking tubs are usually much deeper than a traditional bathtub, allows bathers to be fully immersed. Some corner tubs are even large enough to hold two people and function as a great jacuzzi. After a long day at the office, coming home to soak in soothing, warm water with plenty of bubbles is a great way to relax and unwind.

Finding the Best Kind of Toilet For Your Bathroom:

  • Many people don’t know that there are many different kinds of toilets, including water saving toilets. Instead of getting a standard toilet, you may want to look into purchasing a high efficiency toilet. A high efficiency toilet use minimum amounts of water with maximum flushing power. For the environmentally — and financially — conscious, water saving toilets a great option.
  • High efficiency, water saving toilets differ from standard ones in terms of their mechanics. There is both an inner and outer tank in high efficiency toilets. The inner tank is sealed and when water comes in from the water line, the air in the tank gets compressed. Instead of falling by gravity, the water is forced out with the pressure of the compressed air.

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