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What does a fence mean? Security, boundaries, privacy, organization; a fence can offer these things and even more. Fences also boast of many varieties from a chain link fence to a bamboo privacy fence to an aluminum fence. You will need help if you are considering hiring a company to build you a property barrier. Let me give you some information to assist you in making your decision easier.

Let’s talk privacy and security first. The U.S. zoning committee experts say that 80 to 90% of interest in fences are for privacy fences, something that blocks the view from the street. This can be a pro and a con for your business. On one hand, a certain amount of privacy can mean security. Many times, if one can not see anything inside, this person will generally not think to vandalize or steal something he or she knows nothing about. On the other hand, if your business is not easily visible from the outside because of the commercial fencing, there may be less traffic flow. Catching the eye of a buyer is key to being able to continue the business. If you need your business to be seen from the street, then I would still suggest a fence but perhaps one that can be seen through.

Now, boundaries: a fence can block off “your” area. If your business is connected to another or a residential estate or even a piece of land, a fence determines where the borders are, making it easier to maintain and run.

Unfortunately, fence installation may not always be cheap but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. In the United States, pressure treated fence posts can cost around $10 a piece. So, how high your tab runs really just depends on how many you will need. However, a well made aluminum fence can not only improve the curb appeal, but also offers a return of investment of about 65%. Adding a wood deck to your commercial fencing shoots the return of investment up to 87%.

Other than the many fence designs and fence styles that are available, commercial fencing there are many places a fence can be built. It’s not necessary to just be around the perimeter of your property. How about swimming pool fences or around a tennis court? Even a baseball diamond could use a certain type of fence.

Many of you see the benefit in installing a fence but just need to figure out where to put one and what type. It really is not that hard to decide. All you need to do is simply take a walk around your property and imagine how much safer, cleaner and organized a fence would make your place of business! I can guarantee you will calling for a quote in no time! After your walk, come back here and post your opinion; where would you put a fence in your business property and why?

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