How to Restore Faded Leather Furniture


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The longer you own your leather furniture, the more wear and tear it picks up. Fading can accumulate over the lifespan of your furniture, especially in rooms that let in a lot of sunlight. Instead of replacing your lived-in chairs and sofas, follow our instructions to restore your leather furniture to pristine conditions.

First, make sure to get at least three different shades of leather spray. Leather has various shades and coats, so you need to be able to match each one to get the best results.

Start with the lightest shade you have and spray from about a foot away. Don’t douse the faded patch, just give it a nice light coat. Be careful not to catch the threading. Let the first layer you apply sit for a bit and then do another coating.

Continue to layer on, grading up into darker shades as you do. Remember to use short bursts from about a foot away. Once you finish with the darkest layer, you can apply a sealer to make the color last even longer.

Fading is a part of owning leather furniture. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it, as you can use this method to patch it up in around 10-15 minutes. To get a visual guide to the process, click on the video above.

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