Upgrade Your Home With Help From These Professionals


You know your home needs some new touches. Maybe it’s time to change the theme, or some things no longer function how they used to. Maybe you’re trying to prepare your home for sale or just want a home to live in for several decades longer. Luckily, many home upgrade pros can help you with your home renovations. Use this list as a guide to the companies you should contact now.

Countertop Company

Countertops are essential in any kitchen space. If you’re unsure where to start, home upgrade pros will normally suggest granite countertops. Granite is the most popular material for kitchen countertops for several reasons. Since it’s one of the hardest stones on the planet, it can last a couple of decades. It’s beautiful and no two slabs are the same. In other words, you, your friends, neighbors, and family can all have these countertops without them looking alike. Plus, many people associate granite countertops with luxury, so they add that tone to your home. Because of their association with luxury and popularity, it is also a great way to increase your home value.

Of course, there are other materials to consider besides beautiful granite. Marble slabs can easily create a beautiful dynamic and luxurious Aura in your kitchens or bathroom space. Maybe you want a more rustic feel and decide on wood chopping blocks for your countertops and islands. Quartz is an engineered stone that has also gained popularity and can come in a range of colors and designs. You may skip the stone and wood for metal countertops to create a more modern slick design.

Don’t forget your countertop materials are also included on your islands. The use of double islands has gained popularity in the last few years. If you have a large enough kitchen space, do a lot of entertaining, and just love the unique look of a double island, that’s something to consider. You’ll have plenty of ways to show off whatever stone, metal, or wood slabs you want to add to your kitchen with this update.

Cabinet Company

In addition to your countertops, consider your cabinet space. Luckily, cabinet designers can either enhance your existing cabinets or create custom ones from scratch. Many people are opting for a custom cabinet design, as you can choose from different materials. Your new cabinets can have doors or no doors at all. Maybe your existing cabinets are made from cherry wood but you prefer the light color of oak. Home upgrade pros that specialize in cabinets can also incorporate additional materials like glass and metal into your cabinet design. Plus, when you create cabinets from scratch, you’ll have ones that last longer than your existing ones. Well-made custom cabinets can last as long as 50 years with proper maintenance. Plus the type of wood you use on your cabinets affects how much you can alter them down the road.

Another aspect of cabinet enhancement is cabinet refinishing. During refinishing services, the surface of the wood is scrubbed off. Then one can stain or paint and seal it. As a result, older cabinets can look brand new and as if you replaced them with new ones.

Roof Company

The home upgrade pros at your local roofing company can protect your home and enhance the exterior. You want a strong durable roof that can protect your home for years to come. Therefore, if your existing roof has had air or water leaks, it’s time to replace them. You need to replace your roofing if it’s reached the end of the projected lifespan. After all, your roofing insurance will require you to do so. You may also want to replace your roof to make your home more attractive for a home sale. After all, what homeowner wants to have to replace a roof shortly after moving in? If you had problems with water leaks, it may have caused a lot of damage to your walls and paint work. A leaky roof can also make your home susceptible to mold which can affect your health. Put a stop to all that and find the right roofing material for your upgrade.

Many Americans love asphalt roofing because of its variety, style, color, and easy installation. The asphalt roof will easily fit in your typical American neighborhood. However, metal roofing has increasingly gained popularity due to its beauty, durability, and the value it adds to a home. A metal roof has a Class A fire rating which is helpful when you live in an area prone to brush fires or lightning strikes. Metal may be more expensive to install but can last up to 70 years, according to Bob Vila. In addition to its long life span, metal roofing is very low maintenance and less likely to leak.

Siding Company

For other home upgrade pros who can make your home look beautiful from the outside, look no further than your local siding installation service. Your siding protects your exterior from the elements just as your roof does. It can come in a range of materials like wood, stone, brick, fiberglass, vinyl, and more. The ideal siding for your home can depend on the climate, region availability of material, or style you prefer. Stone and brick siding are extremely protective but also expensive. It can take longer to install these materials or repair them, as they require specialized masonry skills. You’re likely to see stone siding in places like Montana, which has a surplus of stone. Brick houses are more common in places such as the Northeast. Vinyl isn’t as strong as stone or brick, but can easily be installed and painted.

Gutter Company

You may not consider gutter installation when thinking about home upgrade pros, but you should. Functioning gutters are essential for avoiding water damage and floods. Your gutters move water away from your roofing, as well as your basement area. If moisture sets in on your roof, it can cause rotting. A rotten roof can be susceptible to cracks or holes that lead to leaks.

Be sure to add gutter guards to your gutter installation services. These guards protect your gutters from excessive debris that can clog them. They can prevent pests from nesting in your gutters, which can clog them and weigh them down. Plus, those pests are very close to your roofing and attic. That proximity can be tempting for them to work their way inside your home. Gutter guards also prevent ice dams from forming, which can be dangerous if they fall on someone below.

Paving Company

Take a good look at your pavement outside. Your walkways and driveways are essential to keep up. You have to drive your car over the driveway space between your garage and the street. Any potholes and cracks can wear down or damage your tires. Potholes, cracks, and unevenness in your pavement make it hard to walk on. Anyone can easily trip over those cracks and hurt themselves. Your local asphalt companies can provide the updates you need to have a beautiful and smooth driveway. Asphalt paving is good for quickly melting snow and ice in the winter because it absorbs heat from the Sun.

If you’re not crazy about asphalt, consider cement. Cement paving may take longer to cure, but once it does, you can enjoy it for several decades. Many local cement companies can customize your pavement by adding color, stamping, and other designs. Some of these companies can add pavement in your back to create a terrace or patio.

Landscaping Company

A beautiful landscape adds so much to your home. Your front lawn is one of the first things people see and adds to curb appeal. The local landscaping company can ensure your grass stays mowed and fertilized. Fertilized grass will always grow healthy and be a beautiful green color. Landscapers understand the right type of fertilizer to use based on the type of grass and other vegetation you have. They also understand the right amount of water to use to keep everything looking beautiful. To make hydration easier, these home upgrade pros can install an irrigation system for automatic sprinkling. Therefore, you can go away for a week or months at a time, knowing that your lawn will always have proper hydration.

Your landscaping company can plant flower beds and start your vegetation garden as well. They can put mulching around your trees and other areas during seasonal change. This mulch can act as fertilizer or decoration as part of the design. Speaking of seasonal changes, landscaping companies can also keep your property looking beautiful by doing seasonal cleanup. Some may handle snow cleanup and raking the leaves. As a result, your upgraded home will always look in top shape.

Floor Company

Floors say a lot about the style of your home. Hardwood flooring is still the most popular type of material in American homes. A hardwood floor can last as long as a century. Hardwood comes in several options, such as oak, maple, birch, cedar, and more. Enjoy a range of colors from light oak to dark cherry. You can always further customize your wood floors later with refinishing and staining. If traditional hardwood floors are out of your budget, consider engineered wood. Engineered wood also allows you to have heated floors, which can make your bathroom experience more comfortable.

Of course there’s more home upgrade pros at your local flooring company can offer besides wood. You can consider stone, vinyl, or linoleum. You may even want ceramic tiles, especially in your bathroom or kitchen. You can have a different type of flooring material in every room. Regardless of what hard surface you have, you can protect it with an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy coating is transparent and protects your main surface from harm and stains. The epoxy layer is easy to clean and has a natural shine. Don’t forget about carpeting when you want something soft underneath your feet.

Pool Company

As summer approaches, you may be ready for swimming. Regardless of the season, swimming is a great exercise that provides healthy aerobic activity. Your swimming pool can be a source of entertainment for family and friends. A new pool installation is also better for your health as you don’t have to worry about the germs in a public pool. That’s why your local pool company is among the home upgrade pros to call soon. If you already have a pool, they can upgrade it. For example, your pool company may be able to add jacuzzis, hot tubs, and therapeutic spas. They can also add pool accessories like volleyball nets and diving boards.

Tree Company

Trees add so much to any home thanks to fresh air and natural beauty. When you need additional shade or fruit trees, tree services can plant them. When trees are at strategic locations, they reduce your heating and cooling costs. They provide a barrier to outside noise to help keep your home calmer and peaceful. Trees can create a visual barrier to protect your privacy.

Unfortunately, there are times when you’ll have to add tree removal companies to the list of pros to contact. A large tree can be a visually stunning focal point in your landscape. When a large tree is too close to your home, it’s a danger. If the trees have overgrown branches, they can scrape the roof and damage it. When weakened by a storm or age, it can fall on your home and destroy it. When trees have overgrown roots that inch toward your foundation, those roots can uplift it. If you rely on a septic tank, those same roots can also puncture it and create a health hazard.

As you can see, many home upgrade pros can assist you. Upgrading your home is a worthwhile task that can create an oasis, add value, and create comfort for years. Use this list as a guide to know who to contact when you need those renovations. You’ll be happy you got in touch with these companies when you did.

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