Choosing a Real Estate Agent is Easy as 1, 2, 3


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Buying a new house can be an exciting endeavor. But while you may feel like it might be a good idea to start your real estate endeavor alone, you might want to think again. According to statistics, approximately 88% of individuals who bought a house in 2014 referred to a real estate agent or broker for assistance. Additionally, it was reported that 98% of individuals who use real estate agents feel that they were an excellent resource during the house hunting process.
Now that you’ve decided to get a real estate agent, now comes the sometimes dizzying question: how to pick a good real estate agent? With over 2 million licensed real estates agents within the United States alone, it may feel like you are presented with a diner menu with one too many options, and the thought of picking something (or someone, for that matter) is daunting as anything.
But worry not! Finding a good real estate agent is easy so long as you know what to look for. To find the best real estate agent possible, try these three valuable tips:

Tip No. I: Phone a Friend
Before taking to the paper or internet to find an agent, try picking up the phone and hitting the pavement in your community. Reach out to family and friends who have recently bought or sold their home and ask them for an agent referral. According to statistics, 40% of home buyers actually found their real estate agent because of a friend’s referral; and it makes sense! Why would you trust a stranger on the internet when you can ask a real time pal for an unbiased, honest opinion?

Tip No. II: Credentials are the Essentials
Real estate agents often specialize in specific kinds of buying and selling endeavors and are more likely to help you according to your own specific needs. For example, real estate agents that specialize in senior assistance are certified with a Senior Real Estate License (SRES).

Tip No. III: Do Your Homework
You know, the internet is a pretty amazing thing. Use it to your advantage! Seek out properties that meet your financial and practical needs, and see what realtors are behind them. The internet is also a great place for secondary sources and referrals, as well as reviews of local real estate agents.

There you go! With these tips under your belt, choosing a real estate agent should be a breeze. Now what are you waiting for? Get hunting!

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