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Don’t Neglect Windows and Doors!

Arguably, windows and doors are two of the most important things that can protect you in your home. Whether you want them to keep burglars out or escape in the case of a fire, your windows and doors are important. Obviously in the case of an intrusion keeping them locked is important, around one-third of all robberies are started because of an open or unlocked door or window. This may seem like an easy way to prevent burglaries, but even so every 13 seconds there is a new home intrusion. Fires are something no one wants to think about, but in 2013 in the United Stated alone there were 1,240,000 fires reported. In this same year, one home fire was reported every 85 seconds. Thermally broken steel windows and steel doors can help prevent burglary, and even a neighbor’s fire from spreading to your home.

High Quality Windows are Important

One of the most important aspects of a house is one you normally look right through – the window. High quality windows are necessary in a good home, not only for appearances but also to prevent energy loss, help prevent home intrusion, and save you money in the long term. Thermally broken steel windows are an option for the discerning buyer. These windows are known for very narrow sightlines, yet are very sturdy, energy efficient, and long lasting. This effect is achieved by the unique manufacturing process of the frame surrounding the double-paned window system. The frame is made up of a fiberglass reinforced extrusion joined to a high-density polyurethane resin through the application of high pressures. This bond is permanent and firm, ensuring structural durability. This process results in fire rated windows and some of the highest quality residential windows money can buy.

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