Top Questions to Ask Your Water Restoration Company


Perhaps an accident at your home caused significant flooding. You should contact a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Here are some key things to know if you’ve never worked with a water damage restoration company before.

What Does Your Pricing Look Like?

Pricing is obviously important, especially if you’re looking for service while on a budget. Ultimately, cleaning up after a large flood is pretty expensive.

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Most water restoration companies charge thousands of dollars. If the flooding is isolated to one room, it may only cost a few hundred dollars.

Is There Any Way That I Can Do It Myself?

Perhaps you’re considering a manual clean up in order to save money. This is a mistake in most cases, as water restoration companies have the tools to perform an effective clean-up. Trying to do the cleanup without professional help may cause extra problems, such as mold.

How Long Is the Cleanup Process?

Most water restoration companies complete a thorough clean-up within a few days, depending on the amount of damage caused. If multiple areas of your home are damaged because of flooding, it may take a week to restore everything.

Do Water Restoration Companies Use Safe Equipment?

Many of the top water restoration companies use eco-friendly materials to treat flood damage. However, major products may require using stronger chemicals. You’ll likely be asked to leave the property until the chemicals work.

These questions should help you hire the right water restoration company. Watch the video to learn more. Additionally, don’t hesitate to do more research into finding the right company for you.

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