Patio Doors 101


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If you’re looking for new patio doors, you may be curious about what to look for. how much can go into a door, anyway? There are plenty of details and options to keep track of, though.

The first decision to make is if you are going to use sliding or hinged doors. Hinge doors offer the benefit that they can be temperature stripped on all 4 edges, which locks in heating and AC and keeps cold air out. Essentially, they’re more energy-efficient.

Whichever door you choose, it’s smart to have double-pane glass. You can have argon gas installed between the frames. Argon gas is heavier than normal air, and so keeps the outside air out. It’s also a good idea to put a special coating on the glass to prevent sun fading on your furniture or carpets, and keep out heat.

Wood is the best option for the borders of the door, and putting on a vinyl finish will keep maintenance low. There are a million other ways to customize the door, so go to a few local showrooms and compare what they have to offer.

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to choosing the right glass doors for your patio. Do your research and speak with a few places to pick the best option for you!



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