Common Fixes to Help Turn On Your Broken AC


If you are having problems with your air conditioning, you might be in need of air conditioner repairs. There are a few common fixes that are talked about in this video.

There could be problems with the internal wiring of the unit.

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Sometimes mice or other pests make their nests in the inside of the unit, next to wires which means they are probably all chewed up and broken. If you are comfortable fixing wiring on your own then you can try taking this on yourself, but if not, it is best to reach out to an air condition repairs expert.

The most most common reason your AC might not be working is because of problems with the dual run capacitor. It could either be really weak or could have failed altogether. You’ll need a quarter inch screwdriver to loosen up the bracket holding this capacitor. If there is any charge left in it, it may shock you so you might want to take something metal and touch it along the body to get rid of any leftover charge.

Air conditioner repairs usually involve working with wires and other mechanical components so if you are not capable of dealing with these kinds of things, it is in your best interest to contact a professional.

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